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Ranging from aesthetic enhancement to offering peaceful sleep, quilt cover sets have a significant influence on the sleep cycle of an individual. Bedding accessories like quilt covers are just normal covers that offer protection to the quilt— like a screen guard for the smartphone for some people. But the cover set that one buys for their quilt determines many things.

Studies reveal that around two out of three Australians do not get enough sleep at night. Additionally, only 1 out of 7 sleeps calmly through the night regularly. Though interruption in the sleep cycle could be due to different reasons for different people, there is a high chance that at least 25% of the cases might be due to the poor quality of the quilt or its cover set. Low-grade cover sets can be too hot, too big, or too scratchy, and it would certainly affect one’s sleep. That being said, here are some good leads that one can keep in mind while buying new cover sets for their quilt.


The material of the cover set should be given supreme priority since comfort comes foremost. Nowadays, cover sets for quilts come in different materials such as cotton, linen blend, cotton-polyester blend, flannel etc. Similarly, the price range also varies with the material. For instance, if one plans to buy a cover set made of silk, it will be luxurious and pricey. It is suggested to stay away from materials like silk as it would accentuate heat insulation, especially in summer.

On the contrary, a cover set made of 100% cotton will be comfortable, affordable and long-lasting. They are easy to wash, easy to find and easy to fold. For households that allow pets to sleep on the bed, a cotton-polyester blend could be chosen as it is easy to remove stains from this material. Natural fibres like cotton are ideal for people with sensitive skin as they are more breathable.


The aesthetic appeal of the quilt set is fundamental as the pattern, and the design of the cover should be compatible with the décor of one’s bedroom. The cover set should also match the pillowcases, cushion covers and furniture in the room. Like how the material of the quilt set affects its price range, the design also does influence the price tag. For intricately woven patterns made of good quality cotton, one will have to pay extra. Also, if you intend to redecorate your room soon, keep that in mind instead of going for a random colour. Quilt sets are available in simple, sleek, sophisticated and classic designs, and one can decide if they want to go ahead with a neutral one or a statement piece.


Thread count, in bedding, refers to the quantity of vertical and horizontal threads present per 10 centimetres sq. piece of cloth. More thread count means greater comfort and greater endurance. That is why bedding experts always recommend buying quilt covers with a higher thread count. Also, during winter, thicker quilt sets offer protection against the chilly weather as it absorbs more heat. Quilt sets with a higher thread count also add a luxurious touch to one’s bedding. Ideally, covers ranging from 240 and 180 thread count can offer comfortable sleep under most climactic circumstances.

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