The Complete Guide to CenturyLink Services in Phoenix, Arizona


If you are living in Phoenix, Arizona, or just have moved to this place and looking for the best internet service in your vicinity, then CenturyLink is your right fit. We can understand how important is for you to get an internet connection in your home as soon as possible. There must be a multitude of tasks waiting and piling up that you need to accomplish before reaching deadlines.

You must have various other responsibilities and need to arrange countless things to get your and your family’s life settled in the new place. Living in a city with 300 sunny scorching days is itself a challenge for many of you. It is not all about having fun taking rail tours, desert hikes, or unleashing other adventurous areas in the city. Instead, it is about starting a new life in a new city around a neighborhood unfamiliar or new to you.

In such a situation, it is very essential to get your hands on the right internet service at the earliest. You can easily find many internet service providers in Phoenix, Arizona but we would like to mention here clearly that nothing is equally competent to the level of service you will get with CenturyLink.

If you are frustrated and looking for the easiest way to get a reliable and fast internet connection from the house of CenturyLink, you have landed on the right blog. We have brought for you a complete guide to internet services by CenturyLink so you can have better insight into what features and specifications it offers in this new city.

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Internet Services Available in Phoenix, Arizona

You can access numerous categories of broadband connection in Phoenix such as high-speed Cable, DSL, Fiber-optic, Fixed Wireless, and Satellite internet connection. Moreover, a few industry giants also have service coverage in this part of the country including CenturyLink. The internet service provider is offering extensive internet coverage through its wired internet and other internet connection types.

Not only this, the internet service provider has attained the top position in the list of blazingly-fast DSL internet networks. This internet connection type has captured the customer market in the neighborhood of around 95% whereas its fiber internet connection has assured its availability for 75% of residents of the vicinity.

Moreover, if you want to get home phone service as well, you can go for bundle offers available on the platform of this internet service provider. It will be the best option to get multiple services from a reliable source at economic price tags.

You can also check out some of the amazing CenturyLink Internet Deals for new customers to take the best advantage of subscribing to the services of this internet service provider. If you want to learn more, keep scrolling!

CenturyLink Internet Features for Subscribers in Phoenix, Arizona   

CenturyLink has adopted a unique strategy for capturing a massive customer market across the landscape of the United States of America. That’s the reason the ISP keeps adding value to its services for customers and tries to tailor services with a great customer focus.

Moreover, it is investing extensively to establish and reinforce its state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver optimal quality services, the fastest speed, consistent services, and much more. The best part is that all these perks are available at economic price tags to win the cut-throat competition with the key players in the industry.

The ISP is trying to track customer needs so that it can timely modify its services to assure that the company is efficiently meeting the dynamic needs of customers but also following evolving market trends. Thereby the internet service provider is successfully competing with competitors with a higher degree of resilience.

We have added some key features you will get with its internet services in Phoenix so let’s start exploring them together.

·        Freedom from Contracts

This internet service provider is offering an extended range of internet services coupled with various perks. We have added three features here. However, if you want to know more, feel free to contact the customer support team of CenturyLink.

Now let’s get back to the topic! CenturyLink internet is one of the pioneer internet service providers in the United States that do not demand you to sign any contract to acquire their services. It means the ultimate freedom to switch, quit, or change different services, internet plans, packages, bundle offers, and other features whenever you want.

The ISP does not charge you any fee for early termination as well because it had not bound you in any contract at the time of subscribing to any of its services or plan.

·        Month–to–Month Bill Payment System

You must be thinking about what’s new in it, as every internet service provider in the country sends you a bill by the end of the month for which you have utilized internet, home phone, or cable TV service. So, what’s the point of mentioning it as the best feature here? Well! You are right but only in your perception.

What we are trying to mention here is something different from the conventional monthly billing payment system. CenturyLink always looks forward to offering the utmost convenience to its customers. Whether it is about the fastest internet speed, consistent signals, reliable connection, affordable price tags, variety of service solutions, or others, the ISP always stands out in the market.

One of the efforts made by this internet service provider in this context is a month-to-month payment system. This feature allows you to pay only for the services you have subscribed to by the end of the month till you want to use them. It is the smart policy the internet service provider is offering its customers as it prevents you to bear the early termination fee that usually internet service providers charge you for quitting their services.

·        Secure In-Home Wi-Fi

Last but not least in our list is secure in-home Wi-Fi that you will get with CenturyLink Internet Plans. The internet service provider offers strong and advanced in-home Wi-Fi with its internet plans, offers, bundles, and packages. This Wi-Fi device is equipped with smart technologies that provide a secure and safe internet connection for everyone in your home who is using it.

Moreover, this wireless in-home Wi-Fi emits strong signals that reach out to every inch of your home or office. Due to the wall-to-wall coverage, every device in your house will get the same signal strength, no matter where in your house you are operating it. The up-to-the-mark security technology embedded in this Wi-Fi device protects your smart devices from the risks of cyber-attacks and intrusions.

Furthermore, you can customize your credential for this in-home Wi-Fi device using the My CenturyLink app. Similarly, this app allows you to manage and monitor all devices connected to your internet connection, and to personalize your network. This app also helps you in accessing parental control features to make sure your underage family members are only accessing appropriate content through the internet.

CenturyLink Internet Solution in Phoenix: All about Speed, Data, and Offers

The high-speed DSL internet connection from the house of this internet service provider is available in Phoenix with various speed options. However, the data allowance in all internet plans available at CenturyLink is constant which is either 1024 GB or 1 TB. The ISP is making sure that every subscriber in this area will get the fastest available speed which however broadly relies on the network capacity of CenturyLink.

When it comes to internet speed in Phoenix, the ISP is delivering different internet plans with a variety of internet speeds. You can get as lowest as 15 Mbps or 20 Mbps to moderate speeds as 40-80 Mbps or 100 Mbps through different speed tier internet plans. However, if you are a speed craver or diehard fan of Gigabit speed CenturyLink’s Gigabit internet plan is for you. You can enjoy the fastest symmetrical internet speed of 940 Mbps and unlimited data with this amazing internet plan.

Internet Plans are Available at CenturyLink for You in Phoenix, Arizona

·         CenturyLink Internet Plans and Packages

Maximum Download Speed and Data Allowance – 100 Mbps and 1024GB data

Best For – A family of 3-4 internet users working remotely from home or attending virtual school classes, shopping online, browsing the web, streaming HD quality content, banking online, surfing social media, and playing light online gaming.

·         CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit Internet

Maximum Download Speed and Data Allowance – 940 Mbps and unlimited data

Best for – A household of gamers and streamers who also need the internet for virtual classes and to work from home. It will help you to get adequate bandwidth for connecting multiple devices including Smart home gadgets without a glitch.

·         CenturyLink Fiber and Home Phone Plans

Maximum Download Speed and Data Allowance – 940 Mbps and unlimited data

Best For:  Nothing can compete when it comes to the reliability of a landline. You will get ultra-fast speeds of 940 Mbps in this plan along with a home phone to enjoy 99% reliability of the Fiber Gigabit service.  Moreover, you will get unlimited calling nationwide and to U.S. Territories as well.

The Final Take

Don’t hassle to get the internet connection after completing this blog. Undoubtedly, we have tried to cover every key aspect that you should know before deciding to go for this internet service provider. However, there is a lot to discover and learn which you can do only by contacting the customer support team of this outstanding internet service provider. So, get your hands on your phone and contact the ISP today to get the best solution for your new home!

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