Rise of the Popular YouTubers and Getting Fans on Instagram

Rise of the Popular YouTubers and Getting Fans on Instagram

In the age of social media, YouTubers have become some of the most popular influencers on the internet. Young and aspiring content creators are turning to YouTube to find fame, fortune, and millions of fans around the world.

But how do they get so many Instagram likes and followers? Through their witty videos, unique personalities, outrageous challenges or simply by staying active on all platforms like Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat; YouTubers have been able to build up large audiences who view their content regularly. They also use a combination of clever editing techniques along with engaging topics that keep viewers hooked for hours at a time.

By creating entertaining videos that stand out from others in terms of quality and production values; these ‘hottest’ Youtubers can quickly amass huge followings within a matter of weeks or months.

Analysis of Popular YouTubers

One of the most popular YouTubers is Pew Die Pie, who has over 101 million subscribers. He produces a variety of videos including skits, gameplays and vlogs which have earned him worldwide recognition for his creative content.

Another prominent YouTuber is Dude Perfect, an American sports-entertainment group that has achieved massive success by making trick shots and viral videos about games like basketball or football. Their channel currently enjoys more than 40 million subscribers on You Tube alone.

In terms of followers on Instagram, Kim Kardashian West holds the top spot with around 187 million followers while celebrities such as Selena Gomez (155 million) and Ariana Grande (157 million) also boast huge followings on this platform. These figures demonstrate the power of social media in bringing together millions of fans from all walks of life to engage with their favorite stars online.

Music artists are also leveraging their presence on Instagram to reach out to new audiences; Justin Bieber’s latest music video “Yummy” was released exclusively through his IGTV channel where it quickly garnered millions of views in just days after its release date!

When it comes to viewership numbers, some of the most popular YouTubers are able to draw tens – sometimes even hundreds –of millions viewers for each video they upload onto You Tube or other platforms such as Facebook Watch or Vimeo Live Streams.

Felix Kjellberg aka Pew Die Pie continues to hold the record for having the most viewed Youtube Video ever with “Minecraft: Hunger Games With Vikkstar123″ garnering over 139 million views since 2014 . On Instagram however, Kylie Jenner tops this list with her post announcing her daughter Stormi Webster receiving 129million likes!

Successful Social Media Topics

Fashion and beauty is one of the most popular topics on social media today. Influencers in this space range from renowned fashion designers to everyday beauty bloggers, all of whom are leveraging the power of visual storytelling to engage with their followers. Popular content among these influencers typically revolves around makeup tutorials, product reviews, styling tips and outfit ideas – all designed to inspire viewers to create their own unique looks.

Additionally, many fashion and beauty brands have utilized Instagram’s shoppable posts feature as a way for customers to purchase items directly from an image post or story.

Gaming has also become a key part of social media culture over the past few years, with top gaming You Tubers such as Pew Die Pie attracting millions of subscribers through creating comedic gaming vlogs that showcase hilarious playthroughs.

Esports tournaments have also been held on various platforms including YouTube Gaming Live where teams battle it out against each other in front of millions of viewers worldwide! In addition to watching professional gamers compete at the highest level; fans can stay up-to-date by following Twitch streams which often provide insightful commentary on upcoming games or newly released titles.

DIY crafts are another topic that continues to grow in popularity among social media users who appreciate having creative outlets during times when they feel bored or uninspired. DIY projects enable users to express themselves through crafting fun items like friendship bracelets, dream catchers and origami art – something which not only provides a sense of satisfaction but also connects them with like minded individuals online who share similar interests! Furthermore; inspiring creators can monetize their skills by selling handmade products via websites like Etsy thereby turning their passion into a lucrative business venture!


When it comes to making an impact on social media, consistency is key. Whether you’re trying to build a following or create content that resonates with your audience, staying active and engaging with users frequently is essential for long-term success. This means setting realistic goals and objectives in terms of how often you post and the type of content you produce. Additionally, cultivating relationships with other influencers in the same space can open up opportunities for collaboration which can help expand reach even further!

Finally, it’s important to remember that social media doesn’t just involve posting pictures or videos – it also involves connecting with others on a deeper level. Showing genuine interest in what they are doing, offering advice when needed and responding accurately to comments will ensure that people remember who you are. Being authentic should be at the forefront of any social media strategy as this helps form meaningful connections between brands/influencers and their followers over time!

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