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Skowvet is a new Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This Pokedex Page covers Skowvet Website, Skowvet Basic Statistics, and more.

Pokedex entries:
Sword: This Pokemon is found all over the Gallar region, and he becomes uncomfortable if his cheeks are completely empty of berries.
The shield: He eats berries without stopping – a habit that made him more resilient than he appears. She will appear on the plantations, looking for more berries.

This page in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Wiki guide lists every known difference between Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, from exclusive Pokemon to Gym Leaders, and more.

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Every Pokemon is exclusive to Sword and Shield
As with all other Pokemon titles, both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will produce exclusive Pokemon that can only be accessed in one version of the game. It is possible that this Pokemon can only be acquired in the other version of the game, through trading. See all of Pokemon’s exclusive releases in the chart below.

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