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The High Priestess Arcana is the second (second) Arcana Tarot and can commence after the complete completion of the third palace. The priestess’s social bond confidant is Makoto Niijima.

The High Priestess Arcana represents femininity, unexplored knowledge and potential. During your journey, arranging with the Priestess Confidant will unleash shadow analysis abilities as well as abilities that make Makoto even more effective in battle.

Makoto is available during the day and can be found outside the Student Council office on the third floor of Shujin Academy, outside the school on the days it closes, or at the school’s subway station during later portions of the game. It’s available most days of the week, but it’s usually available on Mondays and Tuesdays and is available during rainy days.


Dialogue options in this social connection have an effect on how efficiently it progresses. All of the dialog options below display which answers are awarded points and how many points you award when you have a character of the same Arcana with you. If you don’t have the same secrets figure, subtract one point for the total of what you’ll get from each answer in most cases.

Rank 1

Available from: 6/25
Requirements: scientifically (3) knowledge / full Kaneshiro bank
Conferred power: tangent calculus


Choose any answers for the first rank.

Rank 2

Awarded Ability: Patton Pass

Check 1:
You are well informed. (3)

Choice 2:
He should have known better. (2)
That was dangerous. (3)

Check 3:
As for.

Rank 3
Granted Power: Intellectual Debate

Check 1:
You have a wrong idea. (3)

Choice 2:
Don’t let it get to you. (2)
You can change. (3)

Rank 4
Awarded Ability: Continue

Check 1:
This is not like you. (2)

Choice 2:
As for

Check 3:
No choice

Check 4:
Why are you using it? (3)
This is grainy. (2)

Check 5:
I like a woman in uniform. (2)
This is an amazing goal. (3)

Rank 5

Check 1:
This is annoying. (2)
It looks fishy. (3)

Choice 2:
I got this. (3)
Only if I could take it seriously. (2)

Rank 6
Condition: Debonair (5) charm
Awarded Ability: Harisen Restored

Check 1:
We are just getting started. (2)
Love comes in many forms. (3)

Choice 2:

Check 3:

Rank 7
Given Power: Shadow Factor

Check 1:
As for

Choice 2:

Check 3:
As for

Check 4:
This is a terrible story. (3)
Was it difficult without him? (2)
He was a gentleman. (3)

Check 5:
EMA (3)

Check 6:
EMA (2)

Check 7:
I am a game if you are. (2)
Turn it down, please. (2)

Check 8:
Of course .. (2)
It’s the role I’ve always hoped for (2)

Rank 8
Given Power: Stamina

Check 1:
He says this to all of his girls. (2)
This is how he loves you. (2)

Choice 2:
at all. (3)
what are you going to do? (2)
Eh, she deserves it. (2)

Rank 9
Given Capability: Protection
Romance available
For this social link classification, you first need to find someone who can provide you with information about the host. Head Shinjuku Street to the library where you will see a green man outside. Talk to him to get the information you need.

Check 1:
Any (3)

Choice 2:
EMA (2)

Check 3:
This was the right step. (3)

Check 4:
I am a regular here. (3)
It is a popular meeting place. (3)
Not as much as I was. (2)

Check 5:
You will find someone someday. (3) (friendship)
I will be your study partner. (romantic)
Option 6: Only in the case of romance
I do. (romantic)
This is not what I meant. (favorite)

Rank 10 – MAX
Given Power: The Second Awakening
Since this is the final rank of your friend’s social link, you can select any options and get the same result. However, there are still “better” options that we’ve listed below.

(Friendship / Romance) First option:
This is unreasonable. (2)

(F / R) Option 2:
Do you stress the exams? (3)

(F / R) Option 3:
This seems difficult. (3)

(F / R) Check 4:
What a wonderful goal. (3)
This is a wonderful dream. (2)
Your dad will be proud. (3)

(F / R) Check 4:
Just be careful, okay? (3)

(R) Option 5:
As for
Upon completion of Social Engagement, you will be able to create the priestess Arcana: Cybele.


Description capacity
Shadow Calculus Lets you see potential skills and items on the Analysis screen.
Baton Pass allows you to pass your turn to other Baton Pass users after 1 more.
Brainiac Talk Chance to intervene after failed Shadow negotiations, allowing retry.
Follow-up opportunity to carry out a follow-up attack if the Joker’s attack does not shoot down the enemy.
Harisen Recovery Chance to treat ailments of the condition experienced by party members.
Shadow Factorization allows you to see Null, Repel, and Drain when a target is identified in battle.
Have a chance to take an otherwise deadly attack with 1 HP remaining.
Provide an opportunity to protect the Joker from a deadly attack.
The second awakening transforms her character into a legendary hustler.

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