How to fix Microsoft Outlook Email error code?

Microsoft Outlook Email error

Microsoft Outlook is all about managing personal and professional life at the same time. This platform gives an advantage of compatibility to its users. Especially when we talk about business, Microsoft outlook is the go-to application. Since it manages professional emails, keep track of to-do’s meetings, appointments, conferences etc.

While dealing with hundreds of messages and notifications, there might occur some errors. And these errors sometime put you in a vulnerable situation. One should at least know all the information and how to fix those errors and run the application successfully. Amongst the errors, the Microsoft Outlook error code is the most common one. Like said before, to crack this error code, the user should try different methods to make the app error-free.

So, stick with us until the very end and find the best solution for yourself!

Reasons causing Microsoft Outlook error

Following are the reasons which might cause errors in Microsoft Outlook:

  1. This error occurs when the application is not installed properly, and error comes with installation process.
  2. If the user uses multiple accounts simultaneously without clearing cookies and cache, the error might pop up.
  3. The error also occurs when Microsoft Outlook is not updated with latest version. An old version comes with many older versions of features, which might affect the overall working of application causing errors.
  4. In some cases, user cannot identify the error. In this scenario, it is advised to consult with support team to solve error code.

Ways to fix Microsoft Outlook error code

The error code Microsoft Outlook can be fixed easily if you know what’s causing error. First step is always analyzing the root cause of problem, then jump to solutions.

Here we’ve explained 6 possible ways to fix Microsoft Outlook error code in Microsoft Outlook.

1. Temporarily disable security software

Although Antivirus software shouldn’t be disabled until it is very necessary. In some cases, it is required to temporary disable security software, but you should re-enable it as soon as possible. If you are connected to internet and several servers, and antivirus software is disabled, then your system is vulnerable to harmful attacks from malware.

Hence it is advised to temporarily disable security software and re-enable again to avoid further errors.

2. Clearing cache

Follow the following steps to clear the store cache:

  • Press Win + Ron the keyboard
  • Type EXE and hit ok
  • Restart the computer

3. Update Microsoft Outlook

One of the core causes of errors is using old version of Microsoft Outlook. And this could be the first glitch from user end.

  • On the internet, search for “Microsoft Outlook”. Then check the latest version and download. After updating, remove the former version.
  • Your files will be retrieved from former version. So, there’s no need to worry about loss of data.
  • The newer version of Microsoft Outlook requires an essential files’ backup.
  • Transfer the files. If still error pops up, then contact customer service.

4. Clearing cookies and caches

Not clearing cookies and caches is the main reason of causing Microsoft Outlook

error. In this regard, following steps should be followed:

  • Go to the file option and select option for clearing the Outlook cookies and cache.
  • After clearing cache, user should close all the multiple accounts and proceed with log out option.
  • Restart the laptop. Open the Microsoft Outlook account. The problem should be resolved.
  • If error still continues, update the Microsoft account and restart.

5. Choosing auto repair tool

To fix Microsoft Outlook error, automatic correction method helps a lot. This tool repairs the problem occurring in Microsoft Outlook. Check out the following ways to remove Microsoft Outlook error code:

  • Go to Control Panel. And check for the tool’s function setup. From here check the details of the software.
  • Enable or turn-on the Office 365 application and select Microsoft office for repair.
  • At the start of Office 365, change the button.
  • Select type of fix required.
  • Select “fix” then follow the commands displayed on the window screen.
  • Try for the net version of fixing tool.
  • Restart Microsoft Outlook. If the application doesn’t work, take help from Microsoft support.

6. Removing third party email application

Managing more than one email applications could certainly cause troubles in the working of Microsoft Outlook. Due to this Microsoft Outlook error occurs and could be solved in the following ways:

  • When a user uses more than one email application, it creates conflict between those applications, and it increases vulnerability of data.
  • Keeping all this in mind, one must remove untrusted source or third-party application from the system.
  • After removing, open Microsoft Outlook again. See if the error has been removed.

We recommend you use each and every step if any of them doesn’t work. If still you get errors, then contact customer service and your issue will be resolved right away!


Most of the Microsoft Outlook error occurs during glitches in the installation process. Start from the first step and look for ways to solve the error. One should go for more easier ways and possible ways to crack Microsoft Outlook error code. We mentioned the steps in an easier way so that everyone can understand it easily.

If problem still continues, we recommend contacting the Microsoft support system or calling the technician could work as well. They could help you in solving error in a smoother way. An expert is going to look deeper into the problem and solve the issue which cannot be solved by the user.

Hope this article help you out with Microsoft Outlook error code.

That’s all folks!

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