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Welcome to Dragalia Lost’s Adventurer IGN Category List. Below is a list of the best adventurers in the game, with tips on how to use them.

This list favors units with strong team rewards since Boss and Raid content appears to be the most important place for character picking at this point. This is an early list based on public opinion and personal experience, and it is subject to change:

The highest levels

Lily (5 *, stick, water)

Lily is Dragalia Lost’s latest 5-star adventurer and she’s already showing how strong she is in new event content. Her wand allows her to launch powerful attacks from a safe distance and gives her team + 8% skill damage which is incredibly useful in co-op play.

Its Glacial Blossom and Frozen Gale abilities do massive damage in the AoE region, and Glacial Blossom freezes without fail on all levels making it a great tool against bosses.

On top of all of that, it gains a 13-15% power boost when at maximum power, and can gain a 75% prep skill to deal some early damage and CC on boss enemies.

Hildegard (5 *, crew, light)

Hildegarde is not the strongest striker in Dragalia Lost, but she deserves a special mention for her incredibly powerful healing abilities.

Her primary healing Radiant Savior restores health to all mates and removes curses at higher levels. Her second ability, Sacred Guardian, places a life-saving shield on all her teammates and heals them over time, perfect for near-death situations.

Her abilities allow her to start fighting with her skills most of the time, and increase her recovery as long as she keeps her health above 70%.

Isilith (5 *, dagger, fire)

Equipped with powerful weapon and powerful skills, Ezelith’s most popular five-star Dragalia Lost unit is also one of its most powerful units. Her dagger allows her to move and attack very quickly, and delivers + 5% Critical Boost to all allies.

Its basic skill Howling Meteor launches a series of fire attacks, and you can move through it. Her second skill, Brilliant Inferno, is the true star of her range of moves, giving her a 10-15% strength bonus and shortening enemy defense. Besides its Broken Punisher (which deals additional damage to enemies in the event of a crash), its ability to inflict damage when enemies fall is incredibly high.

Navarra (5 *, arc, shadow)

Nefaria is a powerful and comprehensive DPS unit thanks to its Shadow writing, good weapon and strong debug potential. Its crossbow allows it to fire powerful bursts from outside most enemy attack ranges, and provides all allies with + 8% skill acceleration.

Nefaria’s entire skill set is built around damaging blindness, rendering enemies nearly useless for their entire duration. She can do blind damage with her powerful attacks thanks to her Twilight Punisher, then deal 25% more damage to those blind enemies thanks to her Blinded Punisher.

Her chance of inflicting Blind damage increases by another 50-60%, and she can defeat all of that with her Basic Offensive Skills Night of Antiquity, a barrage of Shadow Arrows that dealt additional damage to Blinded Units.

Hook (5 *, bow, wind)

Hawk is another powerful 5-star arc unit for all of the same reasons as Nefaria, except that it causes stun rather than blind. Has the same long range attack combos, and also grants + 8% skill speed to allies.

Just like Nefaria, he can make enemies completely useless thanks to his various amazing abilities, such as Hunter’s Creed and Full HP = Stun +. His Savage Hawk ability is a powerful AoE streak that takes advantage of foes in stunned situations, along with Stunned Punisher’s ability.

Its only drawback is its writing on Wind, which makes it less versatile than Nefaria against certain species. Still it is an incredibly powerful unit that deserves to be on your team.

High class

Mikoto (5 *, Blade, Fire)

Mikoto is an incredibly powerful DPS that can do large damage combos thanks to its high Critical Hit Rate. It is currently falling short of the top tier because it needs some settings to access the potential and the group provides little support for the team.

Mikoto’s game plan is to get into the situation with his Ravenous Fire AoE attack skill, activate the Kindled Heart rate boost, then launch a series of powerful critical hits during his cool time. He can do so thanks to his HP of 70% = Critical +, Stun Resistance +, Critical Rate + 6%, all of which makes him a fearless attacker.

Unfortunately, none of these skills offer a reward to his team or vent to the enemy, so he’s kind of a lone wolf when it comes to bosses confrontations. It comes with combined blade power + 5% power though, which is a nice boost for any team.

Maribel (5 * stick wind)

Maribelle is an all-around user of the hard stick who was sadly outdone by fellow user Wand Lily. It delivers the same awesome team bonus with combined skill damage + 8% ability, and it even has two powerful damage skills.

However, it is stuck in one of the least useful (Bog) resistors and is relying heavily on boost from HP Full HP = Skill Damage + Ability to reach maximum DPS.

Xainfried (5 *, lance, water)

Xainfried is a powerful support unit that can improve your team’s strength and health. It ranks high due to what I would call an over-dependence on the dragon’s figure and a lack of focused DPS skills and abilities.

Xainfried’s game plan is to get into the Dragon form as much as possible to take advantage of Dragon Time + (extended period of change of shape) and Dragon’s Claws (increase of power after each form change). These are good abilities, but they also mean that he needs a lot of preparation to reach his true potential. Its Dragon Frostfang is a powerful water attack in the AoE region, but it doesn’t come with any add-ons.

His Guardian’s Fury increases your entire team’s strength for 15 seconds, which is great for damage stages, but he’s equipped with a spear which means he has a somewhat underwhelming team HP + 9% ability, which doesn’t contribute the damage needed to kill the top bosses in time. .

Xander (5 *, sword, water)

Just like his Xainfriend water unit mates, Xander is a powerful DPS that relies excessively on setup to reach its potential.

Zander stunt is his powerful force attacks. Not only does Force Strike + increase his power strike damage by 40%, but also gains an additional 5-6% for every 3 enemies killed with power attacks. This means that it can reach massive peak power, but only after fulfilling the requirements. This doesn’t help much in dragon trials and raids while adding a few enemies.

It is equipped with AoE damage skills, one of which (Majestic Tide) gains damage as the number of Xander amateurs accumulate. It’s equipped with a good weapon all over the sword, which provides a combined ability of Dragon Haste + 8% (which works great with his Xainfriend!).

Julieta (5 *, ax, light)

Julietta is a powerful tank unit that strengthens her team’s defense and can withstand powerful enemies. However, like the other higher levels, it requires some preparation to reach its true potential and has some poor skills and abilities.

Giulietta’s primary skill is Impending Sky, which is a powerful AoE Light ability that unfortunately does not give any increase or decrease. Her second Glorious Guard skills enhance her defense and can give her immunity to a knockout, allowing her to stay in the battle for much longer than other tank units.

Its weaknesses come in the form of its capabilities. Assassin Power gives a 5-6% Power Reward for every five enemies that are defeated, which will take a long time and will not be of much use in a Dragon Experience or Raid. Last Recovery III gives you an HP recovery for 20 seconds when it drops below 30% of health, which is fine, but ideally, you don’t want to drop that low anyway (it only works once per task so you can’t Reliance on him is a long battle).

It’s equipped with good writing in light, venom resistance, defense + 9% combined ability, but it’s stuck with a slow pickaxe weapon.

Karina (4 *, ax, water)

Karina is a unit that I’ve seen a lot of praise for for her innate strength and incredibly helpful collaborative abilities. Although it is 4 stars, it can get stuck with rare units thanks to its strong skills and abilities.

First off Karina is equipped with strong AoE skills, Black Flag and Raging Tide. The black flag damages surrounding enemies and draws them in, while Raging Tide deals damage to the enemies in front of them and gets a boost for every active element that Karina activates. It’s a perfect combination of two hits, and it gets better when you consider the Healing Doublebuff ability, which gives it restoring HP every time it gets defense. Give it an ax with a defense force or pair it with a defensive polishing unit for multiple levels of synergy.

It also comes with one of the best resistors, Stun, Skill Prep and Defense + combined ability. Some might see an ax weapon or water writing and an ax weapon as a weakness (Julieta’s light is more useful universally), but they are secondary concerns when you think of the rest of her collection.

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