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Lin Bifong is the daughter of Tove Bifong and is the Republic City Police Chief. She learned the same abilities as her mother to bend over the ground, including the “seismic sensation” that Tove often exercises. She also has the ability to bend metal, which is another skill her mother taught her.

Lin once had a history of fighting with Tenzin, which led to strong relationships early in the first book – Air. However, the two have become good friends again since Cora’s arrival in Republic City.

She was initially cold towards the Avatar, which she viewed as troublemaker. Her views changed during the Pro-Bowl Finals as they tried to work together to stop the parity. She even gives up the opportunity to go after Amon so she can save Cora.

Cora invited her to investigate whether Hiroshi Sato was a realist, but she found nothing at first. After getting information about Hiroshi, they investigate again and Lin uses her earthquake sense to discover an underground factory making War Machines for Equality. However, this was actually a trap and most of her mineral power was captured and she resigned.

When Cora vanished, Lin and the others were initially led to believe that Equality had hijacked her. They find their secret base and find their kidnapped Task Force who has already lost the bend. Further inspection revealed that Korra was not there and that Tarrlok was the one who created them. Tarrlok’s page confirmed this and that Tarrlok was a blood criminal. Tarrlok escaped by shedding blood on everyone in the room.

When the Equals launched a large-scale invasion, Tenzin Lin called for protection of his island and his family. She had trouble stopping equality but was saved when the Tenzin children got in. The Tenzen family attempted to flee but the Equalist aerial ships followed. Lin stayed behind and destroyed one ship, but was captured by the other and brought before Amun. Amon offered her a chance to keep her bent if she told him Korra’s whereabouts, but she refused and lost the bow. After Korra unlocked her Avatar spirit thanks to Aang, she was able to bend Lin and regain her bend.

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