4 essential tips for choosing great outdoor furniture

outdoor furniture

Research states that the furniture market in Australia was valued at USD 7.76 billion in 2019. Additionally, it is predicted to be valued at USD 8.78 billion by 2025. Another study says that the increase in the number of online market players has catered to the demand for wooden accessories and products, positively impacting the overall furniture market. Furthermore, the demand for most furniture has been generated from the residential sector. According to an article, almost 90 per cent of Australians have a private domestic garden in their backyard. So, you can purchase furniture from brands like Tectona in Australia and decorate your backyard or patio. After all, decks, patios, and other outdoor spaces provide a sense of relaxation and fun. You can also have a barbecue party or celebrate a special occasion outdoors. But you require the right type of furniture. Hence, you must be well informed with some essential tips before choosing great outdoor furniture. Here are some of the following factors to consider.

  1. High-quality matters: Before choosing the right furniture, you must ensure that they are of high quality. For instance, you might include side tables and resin chairs in your backyard, which will look fantastic. If kept for more than a year outside in the sun, they will turn out to be brittle and no longer have their vibrant colouring. It can occur to several wicker and wooden furniture. Hence, it is recommended to check thoroughly before settling upon a decision. You can look for testimonials and reviews and shop for the best pieces. If you can splurge for some high-quality furniture, you must definitely do so. After all, “you get what you pay for” is mostly true for outdoor furniture. But if you can find them at a discounted price, you can most certainly buy such pieces.
  2. Add some plush and lush: Comfort is key to happiness for many Australians, making it incredibly important. Although you might search for wood or steel construction for longevity and stability, you can check for furniture with comforts such as plush and soft cushions. But ensure to avoid cushions that are tiny and not plush. You can shop for chubby-looking cushions since they are lightweight. Polyester filler cushions are another excellent and popular choice too. Basically, when you opt for furniture with lightweight cushions, it will swiftly dry out any moisture. It means that it is mildew and mould-resistant. What’s more, it will produce a sweet smell for a prolonged time and help you remain comfortable. So, if you are searching for lush and plush furniture, you can attain them from brands such as Tectona in Australia.
  3. Consider the storage space: Your residential property must have sufficient storage space for your furniture. Well, you must have enough room to store your furniture for the winter. So, you can at least look for storage space for your cushions and other fabric items. Although you might have a furniture cover, it might not provide the protection it requires. It is especially true for wicker pieces of furniture. But what if you have limited space for storing furniture? You can select outdoor furniture, which folds flat for your backyard, deck or patio.
  4. Think about the shape, size and colour schemes: Too small and narrow furniture will allow you to fill your outdoor space with more. It might cover your entire backyard or patio when it comes to large furniture. Hence, you must purchase furniture by considering the shape and size. Also, make sure that the furniture’s size and shape are appropriate and won’t look cluttered in your backyard. If you want a great colour scheme, you can look for reds, blues and yellows. It means that you are not limited to beige or white, the natural wood shade.

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